1-Carb Candied Pecans

We eat a LOT of nuts in our house. Lately though, I’ve been missing those pre-seasoned sweet and spicy types that are nice for cheese pairings or as salad toppers. I started experimenting with seasoning, roasting, and toasting pecans in search of the perfect combo. I started with raw pecans, toasted them for a fewContinue reading “1-Carb Candied Pecans”

1-Carb Keto White Bread

It’s true! You CAN have white bread on a keto diet, and it tastes… so… good! This white bread has a slightly sweet, nutty flavour and a nice crusty finish. I love mine toasted with butter, as sandwich bread, in my 1-carb Keto Cinnamon French Toast with Cheesecake Drizzle, or Basil & Feta Bruschetta, butContinue reading “1-Carb Keto White Bread”

Keto Pizza Dough

I think that pizza-love is pretty universal. And I would venture a guess that you’ve probably attended one of those work/birthday/game night functions when you’ve had to forgo the decedent treat. That cheese-oozing, sauced-up, crusty deliciousness with its most recognizable aroma… oh! The pizza! We all have our favorite pizza style – thin crust, thickContinue reading “Keto Pizza Dough”

Dried Cranberries

I’m sure you’ve noticed how much sweeter nuts and veggies taste when you first transition to a ketogenic lifestyle. It’s a pretty delicious experience and it only gets better as you eventually begin adding sweeter veggies and low-carb fruits to your diet. Cranberries are a great place to start when you’re craving fruit but you’reContinue reading “Dried Cranberries”

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